About Us

Hyperion Safety Environmental Solutions is committed to achieving HSE excellence for our partners, helping them reach the highest standards and procedures to ensure all projects minimize the risk of harm to personnel, the public, the environment, and property.

Over the years, we have fine-tuned a model that enables us to work nimbly, but is ready to activate and scale. Everything we do at Hyperion stems from our entrepreneurial spirit and demonstrates great respect, fairness, and accountability to our partners. We commit to coming to our clients with high expectations and identifying the most effective, efficient ways to deliver meaningful, measurable results.

Our Unique Value Proposition


A unique alignment between our corporate and field leadership allows for nimble decision making at both the corporate and field-level — reporting, data analytics, capital spending, regular/legal affairs, etc.


Paying our specialists above market has allowed us to recruit the best people in the industry. Our compensation package has been carefully structured to create the best intersection of compensation, work performance, and governance.


We’re invested in good partnerships and solutions — fleet, accounting, logistics, etc.


Applying a ‘Goldman Sachs’ type model with rigorous evaluation of field performance and quantifiable accountability to appropriately determine and act on necessary training and/or personnel adjustments on an ongoing and timely basis.