Safety Program Development

Hyperion Safety Environmental Solutions’ highly-experienced safety experts can help build the foundation of a long-term safety strategy but also provide counsel on in-the-moment decisions during challenging situations. We can scale quickly and bring immediate solutions to our partners when they are needed the most.

Our team can help achieve your safety objectives by delivering comprehensive data analytics to identify risk to maximize the protection of employees’ safety and welfare, providing the field support needed to achieve safety excellence, conducting operational risk assessments, and ensuring controls are in place to protect employees and the public.

Services offered include:

  • Safety & Training Program Development
  • Risk Management & Root Cause Analysis
  • Field Inspections & Safety Oversight
  • Auditing & Analysis
  • Industry-Specific Subject Matter Experts
  • Oil & Gas Safety Training
  • Serious Incident & Fatality Prevention Program
  • Emergency Action Plan Response
  • Contractor Safety Quality Assurance Auditing
  • 24/7 Incident & Response Deployment
  • On-Site Safety Training
  • Real-Time Data Analytics
  • Vegetation Management Work Planning
  • Vulnerabilities & Operational Risk Assessments